Friday, October 1, 2010

Message from former Kingsport Mayor Jeanette Blazier

"The dedication ceremony (for the V.O. Dobbins, Sr. Complex) was one of the most inspiring we've had in Kingsport! Thanks to you and so many others who have worked tirelessly to make this long time dream a reality. I'm very thankful and 'my cup is running over' a week later. Calvin, you and many others should be on cloud nine! I'm there with you. In 1996 when Jalisa Ferguson was killed, I started working with a wonderful steering team that helped the neighborhood begin to create a vision for Riverview. The highest priority out of those neighborhood sessions was the renovation of V.O. Dobbins and specifically a community room/center. Praise God you have it in 2010! I am filled with joy!"

Jeanette Blazier