Monday, December 15, 2008

You Know You're from Kingsport When...

..You have dedicated much of your life to supporting Pal's.
..You know who Steve Grindstaff is and saw his extremely weirded up wedding on TV.
..You or someone you know (a friend of a friend, maybe) knows what Mark Reynolds really did to that gerbil.
..You think it's stupid that Sullivan Central High School got out for the Bristol Speedway race every year.
..The Microtel, and all that it entails.
..You remember why popcorn always tasted better, in that homemade popper at Wallace's Newsstand.
..Friday nights=Fort Henry Mall.
..La Caretta is your Mexican food of choice.
..You remember when there was ONE Wal-Mart, the Stone Gate Wal-Mart, and it wasn't Super.
..Your parents don't work at Eastman Chemical Company. They work at Eastman.
..If you ever went to the beach, nobody had to ask which one. Myrtle Beach is THE beach.
..You remember dozens of Kroger's.. but only one Oakwood.
..You hated Carter County and all their snow days.
..You remember when they found the decapitated head in Boone Lake, and you still went wakeboarding. Just like you did, after they found piranna in there.
..You don't even bother trying the Speedway gas station in lights because it's too busy.
..You took every field trip to Warrior's Path and their awful playground (it's better now, I know!)
..You remember when Fun Fest was in August and right before school.
..You shopped at the Food City in Green Acres when it faced in the other direction.
..You have either threatened to give or been offered to receive a B-Town Beat Down.
..You groan every year that South and DB want to have a race war.
..Kings Giant Plaza FINALLY went out of business and you celebrated because they got rid of those endless commercials every year.
..You were kind of surprised to learn that Daniel Boone blazed Bloomingdale Pike.
..You miss Joe Gong.
..There's no such thing as tea.. it's always peachy tea.
..You can recall Sharon's opening and them actually building the building in secret where nobody could see it.
..You've been in an altercation with a golf club over an AFG medallion.
..You wrote a letter to the editor about the year Fun Fest moved the fireworks and you couldn't see anything.
..You don't smell that funny Eastman smell anymore. It burned out your nostrils years ago.
..Saturdays, 12 Noon. Sound the horn.
..You took your tricked out Civic to park sideways at the Beach Hut.
..You know that Purple Cow is worth the wait/danger.
..You actually went to Skate City but only realized years later the sleaze factor of that place.
..You remember when Kingsport decided they only needed 8 minute evening news. And then, that they should just shut down the news station.
..You remember the original firework outrage being when they set off all the 4th of July fireworks at five in the morning.
..You've ever wondered.. if the Big Pal in Lynn Garden and the Indian from Pratt's BBQ had a fight, who would win?
..If you went to a city school, you were upset you didn't get out for snow. If you went to a Sullivan County school, you laughed at the city kids as you went back to bed.
..Once you got a license, Friday nights=Johnson City (better restaurants)
..You've done the Sensabaugh Tunnel thing. More than once.