Monday, September 27, 2010

V.O. Dobbins Complex Is A Welcome Addition to the Community

Like Van, watching the slide show of the newly renovated Douglass, I, too, became emotional. For all of us who were taught and cared for at Douglass High School, the social services now located in Riverview and across the city, will now be more understood by those citizens in Riverview and across the city.

Finally, Riverview is a part of the City of Kingsport.

Congratulations to those citizens of the City and County who worked hard to make this happen. Yes, Mr. Dobbins, Mr. Gill, Mr.Young, Coach Deering, Mr. Baylor, Mr. Hendricks, Mrs. Shannon, Mr. Thomas, would be proud; however, let's not forget Mrs. Dobbins, who worked tirelessly to support her husband as she, too, taught and cared for and helped her students and friends and neighbors. I often observed Mrs. Dobbins out and about in the community. Again, congratulations, also, to the Douglass Alumni Association for their part-a job well done.

Rosemary Gray