Monday, May 31, 2010

Removing flag would offend many

Margaret Murray wrote that the rebel flag represents bigotry, racism and hate and that it needs to be eradicated. I would assume she says this because it offends people. What about the people that are offended by removing this flag? No one seems to care what we like or don’t like. The flag represents history, not hate or racism. She moved to New Jersey for a reason, so let the ones still in town worry about what flag is flying above our schools.

Aaron Pierson Church Hill

Confederate flag was an inspiration

The Confederate flag seems to have always stirred controversy, especially among those who do not understand what it has always meant to the South. My great-great-grandfather, a Confederate soldier, did not own slaves. He and his family worked their land, and he fought to keep his land and Southern heritage intact. The Confederate flag was an inspiration to those soldiers to keep fighting, usually against all odds, much as the America flag does for our soldiers in Iraq today. It was not created as a symbol of bigotry or hatred, and I’m sure it is not meant as that at South High School. Jack Barnes, how does the opinion of one person outweigh that of the many? Doesn’t the majority rule, even in the South?

Diann Callahan Kingsport