Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Once Again, the Rebel Flag Comes Up

I can't believe that we are back here with this issue of the Rebel Flag. I am outraged that there is even a discussion on this issue. That flag represents such hatred and bigotry. The clan flies it proudly and you see it on the good old boy red necks trucks. It does not belong on public school property. Where are the good people of Kingsport, why aren't you protesting this outrageous decision.

Kingsport is a beautiful city, my place of birth, but this is why I can never live in this town again. I find it to be the most racist place I know and I am well traveled, lived and visited many states. I have never been called the N word any where else but Kingsport, Tennessee. I will continue to visit because my family is there but as for me, I will never live there. Say NO WAY to the Rebel Flag.

Margaret Leeper Murray