Saturday, December 3, 2011

Superintendent of schools

Just when you think Kingsport has changed from the norm and is ready to compete with Johnson City, what happens?  The Kingsport School Board comes along and slap you in the face.

They went out of their way to name Mr. Arnold the interim Superintendent. I have nothing against Mr. Arnold, but we already have an assistant superintendent by the name of Dr. Cathy.

But I guess because he is a Black man, the school board felt like they did not want a person of color leading our great school system, even if it is only an interim basic.

Kingsport has some industries that are dealing in the global market, but when it comes to leadership abilities in Kingsport, they still want to do things the "good old boys" way.

With all the annexations that Kingsport is doing, I think it is time for a change in the way we elect our Board of Mayor and Aldermen.  I think it is time we go to a ward system or a district system.

This will be the only way every community will have a voice.

Douglas S. Releford