Sunday, February 7, 2010

Volunteers applauded - Letter to the Editor

Once again, Mark Kilgore, James “Moose” Henry and Jason Wilburn helped pull off another successful community event. I am New Vision youth director, and these guys have been with me, and Mrs. Veronica Camp, our parent representative for New Vision Youth, from day one. We’ve been together, always supporting our youth and community when asked to help out. I’ve never got no for an answer. Their humbleness I cannot express.
New Vision Youth applauds them with thanks and love. You can always count on them for help and support in the community. I give Mark Kilgore extra thanks for all the hard work he does with the Kingsport Parks and Recreation and other athletics programs.
Thanks to all the organizations that participated in the candlelight vigil and Calvin Sneed and the pastors and mayor. To the community and the people that support New Vision Youth, thanks. May God bless you all and continue to support New Vision Youth.
Johnnie Mae Swagerty