Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hope VI should have gone to local contractors

Construction problems with Hope VI homes is just another example and should be a lesson learned about acceptance of the low bid.
It would be very difficult for a contractor to come from another town, pay for the crew to eat and have a place to sleep and also be able to do the job correctly. Of course they are going to take every shortcut that can be imagined.
Local contractors should be the ones selected to do work inside the city. We are the ones that live here, pay taxes here and spend our money here. It is really sad when this much money leaves Kingsport to be spent in another town, especially with the economy being as it is. Had this been a local contractor, I really doubt these problems would be in existence, and while we are not perfect, we do take pride in our work, and should a problem arise it is usually very quickly resolved.
If they are really a good contractor, why do they not have work going in their own hometown? Our company would not have the time to go to another town to work. This is not the only project given to the low bidder that is going to result in problems. We have seen some other work in progress, and it is just a matter of time.

Marsha Vanderpool