Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LETTER: Indians Treated Worse than Blacks


Concerning a study about the effects slavery had in Tennessee, if this is the most important issue our state has to worry about, we are in deep trouble. Wy should we take the blame for racial problems when blacks raided villages, captured and sold other blacks to slave trackers?

I lived in Montgomery, Alabama during the march from Selma. It was not nonviolent on the part of the blacks as well as the whites. Having lived there during this time, I can assure you all this hogwash about how the blacks were treated is phony. Sure there were some small instances that happened, but the government blew every opne of them way out of proportion, and now the blakcs want the taxpayers to pay the relatives of the slaves for the mess that their own kind created.

This country was take from the American Indians that owned it for thousands of years before we came. They were slaughtered, marched as POW's to camp,s starved and separated from their own tribes and families, the women were raped and the children killed. They are the people we should be studying and thinking about, not only in this state, but our nation as a whole.

Howard G. Tennyson